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Kosho School of Karate in the Mt. Washington neighborhood of Cincinnati

The Kosho School of Karate is a division of Pine Tree Group LLC, and is owned and operated by David Hamann, Robert Volz, and Nate England.

Kosho School of Karate
2121 Beechmont Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio 45230
Phone: 513-510-3844

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We are open: Mon-Thu 5:45PM – 9:00PM Fri 5:45PM – 7:30PM Sat 8:45AM -1:00PM

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About the School

The Kosho School of Karate teaches traditional Japanese & Okinawan martial arts. The style of Karate taught is Okinawan Shuri Ryu Karate-Do. The school also offers instruction on other related subjects including: Self Defense, Kobudo (Okinawan Weapons such as Nunchaku, Bo, Sai, Tonfa, Kama & Aeku), Iai Do (Japanese Sword/ Katana), Jo Do (Japanese Short Staff), Judo (Japanese Wrestling/ Grappling), several styles of Shorin Ryu Karate, Stunt Fighting for film & TV, and more. Students are taught in an atmosphere of dignity, respect, and discipline by professional adult instructors who have spent decades training in the martial arts. All of our instructors are certified by multiple national and international martial arts organizations. The school has become respected throughout the world for its high standards in practicing and teaching the martial arts. Because of this, ranks received at the school are recognized nationally and internationally. You cannot buy your promotions at this school. Belts must be earned.The Kosho School of Karate is a full-time martial arts school that is caters towards people who are interested in physically challenging training in traditional Asian martial arts at the highest level. Please understand that we are not a cardio kickboxing studio, a fitness center teaching martial arts on the side, or a one of the recently opened “Mixed Martial Arts” gyms trying to cash in on the recent popularity of the UFC.

History of the Kosho School of Karate

Kosho members at the original Elm Street Dojo in 1978

The word “Kosho” (古松) means “Old Pine Tree” in Japanese. In Japan, the pine tree is symbolic of strength, longevity, and endurance. The Kosho School of Karate was founded in 1973 by 9th Degree Black belt, World Karate Champion, and Shuri-Ryu Chief Instructor, Sensei Michael Awad.  Awad began his martial arts training in Cincinnati under Victor Moore, he then studied under karate legend James McLain, and Master Phillip Koeppel, before becoming a senior student of the “Father of Karate in America” Grandmaster Robert Trias. In 1983, the school was moved to its current location at 2121 Beechmont Avenue in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Instructors, Students, & Guests at a seminar in the early 1990s

In 2013, Sensei Awad retired from running the school and publicly teaching martial arts. At this time, three of the senior instructors, Sensei David Hamann, Robert Volz, and Nate England took over ownership and management of the school. They have dedicated themselves to keeping the school alive and to recruiting new members to carry on its centuries-old traditions.

January 2019 Junior Promotion

Adult & Teen Promotion in June 2019 (Younger brother of 1 student also pictured)