Whether you are looking to improve physical fitness, learn self defense, gain self confidence, stop bullying, or learn about Japanese culture, you are in the right place!  Our school is ideal for those trying martial arts for the first time, and for long-time martial artists looking to further their knowledge. The Kosho School of Karate has something for everyone interested in training in traditional martial arts at the highest level.

We offer classes for kids, teens, and adult men & women in: Karate, Self Defense, Kobudo (Okinawan weapons such as Nunchaku, Bo, Sai, Tonfa), Iaido (Japanese Sword / Katana), Jodo (Japanese Short Staff), and Judo (Japanese wrestling / grappling).

At the Kosho School of Karate, students are taught in an atmosphere of dignity, respect, and discipline by professional adult instructors who have spent decades practicing the martial arts. All instructors are certified by multiple national and international martial arts organizations. Staff and fellow students create a supportive, encouraging, and positive atmosphere for new students. The school has become respected throughout the world for its high standards in practicing and teaching the martial arts.

Stop in to watch a class or Contact Us to set up an Introductory Course!